Rules of the game

This set of rules is an extension of General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of the company Astiret, s.r.o, operator of the game Colonize.online. By accepting these rules of the game, you are also committed to the GTC, so in case of any doubt, please also consult our GTC.

An attempt to circumvent the Game, or Game rules will be considered a violation of these rules and will be punished accordingly.

§1. Account

§1.1 Each player should own and play only through a single account, this especially applies to playing in the same game. Creating multiple accounts does not make sense, placement on the map is random, and support between accounts is almost impossible unless they are neighbors. Colonize.online will not hunt or punish offenders of this rule for now.

§1.2 The owner of the email address that was used to sign up for an account is considered an account owner. You can change this email address in your account settings (My account - > Contact). No member of the Colonize.online team will ever ask the players for passwords.

§1.3 Passing a password to another person is not recommended, but also not forbidden. If you want to play with multiple players on one account, you can do so at your own risk, the system will allow you to sign in multiple devices with one account, whether in one game world or more in parallel. In this case, Astiret does not take any responsibility for the loss of personal data, the loss of your account or the loss of your virtual credit (Dn). Very carefully consider who you share your account with.

§1.4 Your account is more than just the Colonize.online game and will therefore never be deleted unless you specifically request it in writing. Your participation in a particular game can be deleted, just use the game feature specified for that.

§2. Using scripts, bots and other programs

§2.1 Using scripts, bots and other means to automate the game, or replace premium game features, will be considered a violation of these policies.

§2.2 If you lack any feature in the game, or you have some idea on how to improve it, or add new features, share your ideas through a discussion forum, or bug reporting form.

§3. Errors in the program

§3.1 Errors in the program may not be misused for the benefit of your account. Misuse of errors can be punished.

§3.2 We recommend that the player documents any error found and reports it without delay by using the form provided for it (Community -> Error Report). In exceptional cases, when revealing a serious error, or for a longer, consistent effort to improve our product, we can reward the player with some virtual credit (Dn). Astiret, s.r.o. is not by any means bound by this statement and leaves the decision in the matter exclusively in its competence.

§4. Sale / purchase of account, resources

§4.1 Purchase and sale of accounts, resources, units, colonies and services outside of in-game mechanics is prohibited.

$4.2 Also, it is not allowed to give an account to another person in exchange for money.

$4.3 Any attempt to offer additional funds, virtual credits, or other benefits in the game, please urgently report to support@colonize.online, it is probably an unauthorized attempt to bypass the game mechanics by hacking, or otherwise illegally.

§5. Ethical code

§5.1 Your expression is indicative of your social level. Communicate accordingly.

§5.2 Colonize.online team may change inappropriate profiles, or colony, fleet, or empire names, without prior notice. In case of repeated violations, such an empire, colony or fleet may have an accident.

§5.3 The following behavior is strictly forbidden: the use of offensive, defamatory, sexist, racist or vulgar expression; defamation of religion, race, nation, gender, age group or sexual orientation; threatening the player with real life intervention; posing as a member of the Colonize.online team.

§5.4 Dissemination of material unsuitable for minors is prohibited.

§5.5 Advertisements of any kind, except of the mechanics created for that purpose, are prohibited (see GTC).

§5.6 Astiret, s.r.o. reserves the right to allow some points of §5 for some game worlds. If this happens, it will be explicitly mentioned in the description of the game world.

§5.7 points 5.1 to 5.5 are not binding for game worlds, which are not moderated by the Colonize.online team, specifically the game world that was created by a premium user and is password-protected against unauthorized access. In this case, we also recommend following these points anyway. All responsibility for (non) compliance with §5 and the consequent consequences thereof is taken over by the owner of such a game world, that is, the premium user who created it.

§6. Penalties

§6.1 In the event of a violation of the Game Rules or General Terms and Conditions, the Colonize.online account will be blocked and may be unblocked with a penalty corresponding to the offense committed or, if it is a particularly serious offense, will remain permanently blocked. Unsuitable account names can be changed. Astiret, s.r.o. will not replace any damages incurred during the account blocking period, and not even the Member Fee, or other features purchased for a virtual credit. All players will be treated in the same way, regardless of whether they are paying customers or playing for free.

§6.2 Account blocking can only be handled through support@colonize.online.

§7. Change of rules

§7.1 Astiret, s.r.o. reserves the right to change these rules at any time without prior notice. Every rules change will be announced when it occurs.

§ 7.2 If any part of these rules for any reason is no longer effective, the effectiveness of the remaining rules will not be affected.